To the abandoned soul! The baby duck that lost its way!

I am writing after nearly 3 years. Even though I get immense inner peace in writing, I am deeply saddened by the experience that I had while watching a baby duck losing its life forever… right in front of my eyes on June 14th, 2015 and there was nothing that I could do. Feeling so helpless in life made me realize that I will not waste even one second of my life thinking about those people who have been mean and bad to me and made every measure to bring me down in life. Because they are helpless too. They never learnt how to be good to others.

to the abandunt soul-01

to the abandoned soul
you were looking for your mom
and I was so appalled

I helped you cross the pathway
Can’t ever forget
the terrified look on your face
you stumbled and still made it your way

I looked for your parents
and all I could hear
was your screaming voice

if only you would have hold my hand
and kept listening to what I have to say
I could have saved you
may be for one more day

I know how it is to be alone and afraid
you were tired and exhausted
and god wanted to
show you the way

I cried the whole night for you
and you rested in peace
and then it rained
I promise I will see you in heaven soon
I am on my way!

June 14th, 2015 around 9:30 pm at Weehawken Park, NJ.
Illustration made by Smrita Jain S.

BEACH in Newport!

That’s right! You see it correct. A beautiful place to be with your family or alone, this site which was earlier just a barren land, has now been constructed into a beach with water fountains and picnic area and its right behind my building! Finally, there is a beach in my neighborhood! May 2012

A Family Afternoon Walk with the DUCKS!!

The waterfront area between Newport and Hoboken, I saw a family of ducks: mom and dad and their child in the middle walking along the riverside. It was so heavenly to see how much the parents were so protective of their baby. I think it comes naturally! and I think everyone in this world make a great mom and dad!
The photo was taken in May 2012 on a Saturday afternoon. I took one picture and every one followed me!

Fire in Hoboken!

Not that I am against living in Hoboken. But living in an old rustic building anywhere in the world IS dangerous! And Hoboken style living is just that. That’s what my sisters used to tell me and now I can actually agree to them. I took this picture today in the afternoon on my way to the gym (Feb. 20th 2012). The area had a peculiar stench of burnt metal, things where falling down from the roof, the grocery store all the way at the ground floor was also completely ruined. Gladly, no one was killed. But I am sure that the building is completely ruined. RIP to the building!


Love and Hate,
A relationship with my best mate,
I see him as my mentor,
And myself the relentless beggar,
Holding on to the past is not good,
But our present is based on falsehood,
No patience to wait for our perfect future,
Since we lost the friendship pearls,
Found in grand oysters.

Buried in the white shroud,
Light as the balls of clouds,
Round like the warm sun,
He has now become to you a burden,
Shined like the stars at night,
The ones in the universe, oh the infinite!

Our friendship has met its final fate,
When you won the love game
And said, checkmate!

Seven Letters and a Single Sound

The seven leaves may never
fly away
or torn apart
they have preserved the beauty
and have now become
– an art!

Protected forever
the seven colours of the sky
let them plunge
like the peaceful drops of love
– in our lives!

The seven letters create a single sound
make the wonders of intricacy come alive
they persist
– to glorify and


Floating Fountains!

This is the view from my living room window. Phew! Gorgeous! Every summer, these little boats clean the river water. This time (May 2011) they had pretty colours. I have no clue why they had colours, I can see Red-Blue-White, of-course, its America! And believe me, it looked really beautiful and so unique. I was so happy that I was at home to actually see this. I wonder, if next summer I could see this from the New York side. It will definitely be more prettier, these Floating Fountains!

The Hudson river rises up!

Irene was here! I took this picture from my apartment in Jersey City on Aug 28th 2011. The level rose up to about 10 feet high, making the entire waterfront pathway flooded. This is a police car patrolling. If the storm Irene had continued for another day at full force, the entire Newport area including my building surely would have been flooded!

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